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There is just something about Hardin County that awakens life.

Perhaps it is the natural beauty that surrounds you, the active lifestyle created by the abundant activities, or perhaps it is the peaceful tranquility raising your awareness. Whatever it is, it attracts people from all walks of life to cherrymansionrelocate and retire in Hardin County.

Today, more and more people are finding Hardin County to be the perfect retirement location for the active retiree. We invite you to take a few moments to hear why so many people choose Hardin County, learn more about our great county, and request information to learn even more.

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Picture yourself enjoying retirement in Savannah or any of the other historical and picturesque towns in Hardin County, Tennessee. It is known for its natural beauty, rich history, and the ease and security of a small town with convenient proximity to larger metropolitan areas like Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville. It is a step back into history and southern hospitality.

Don't take our word for it, though. For Jean and George Gunn, it took only one stop in Savannah after traveling to locations all over the world to find their perfect retirement home. "My wife Jean and I searched for several years for what we considered to be the perfect retirement location. We wanted to retire near water for recreation; and, in an area that was not only economically viable but friendly. We wanted an area that had, within a reasonable driving distance, good medical and educational opportunities. Of course, we needed a reasonable cost of living area that we could enjoy a comfortable retirement on very limited income. More importantly, we wanted an area where we could make a contribution to the community.

Both Jean and I are proud grandparents of eight beautiful grandchildren and the parents of two beautiful daughters. Both our daughters are in the medical profession. We both are college educated and have worked for the Federal government the majority of our careers. She, as a budget analyst and I as an aviation safety inspector. I'm a retired airline pilot, avid investor, and publisher of the Internet weekly publication Investopal Weekly News.

"We both have an interest in history. Jean is a long standing member of the Daughters of the American Revolution with family roots in the United States back to 1728. Her hobby is genealogy research. My hobby is flying, fishing, and investing. We both love to travel. We love people and we love to share experiences with others through volunteering.

We searched the east coast and gulf coast of the United States. We traveled across the nation and even to foreign countries. In 2002, during a river steam boat cruise, which docked at the Port of Savannah, we found our dream retirement location.

pickwickbelle "As we stepped off the boat, we were impressed by the locals dressed in 1800's costume, dancing, as the band played. The warmth we felt was incredible. Before docking, as we cruised up river, passing beautiful hills and farm land, one area stuck in our mind. The area had beautiful white bluffs, beautiful trees, and vista views. We circled the area on a road map and filed it away- only to pull out for review in June 2006.

"Between 2002 and 2006, were were still searching for the perfect location. We found nothing that could draw us away from our 2002 memory of Savannah. We arrived at the Port of Savannah about an hour after passing the area we found interesting. I asked the boat Captain how far away was the area we had marked on our chart. When he replied "about six miles" were were elated.

Walking through Savannah was short of nothing but spectacular. Main street was busy, the shops quaint , and the most friendly people we had ever met during our extensive travels. The town had a mid-west flair with successful business inter-mixed with banking and religious establishments. The street were clean, and no traffic jams.

"In June, 2006, we drove to Savannah from Atlanta, Georgia where we have lived for 28 years. We checked into a local hotel and started our research. We talked to local ministers, business persons, courthouse employees,and folks on the street. We visited as many restaurants as we could and dropped by the hospital and interviewed the CCO. In September, we returned to Savannah specifically to attend the county fair.

Only after our research was completed did we attempt to locate the spot we had marked on our map in 2002. We eventually found the area and to our surprise found two beautiful adjoining building lots right smack in the middle of a subdivision. We also discovered the people who lived in the adjacent three houses were either married on new years eve or on new years day. Jean and I were married 41 years ago on new years day. This was the final straw.

"We purchased the two lots, and started building our retirement cabin on the river six miles downstream from the Port of Savannah. Daily, tugboats and private boats pass by our site. Weekly, the very river boat that first brought us to Savannah comes cruising by. We stand on the bank and waive. What a peaceful joy!

"We visit our construction site on a regular basis and each time find it harder and harder returning to Atlanta. It's like some type of magic that keeps drawing us back again and again! Although, our heart will remain with our daughters and grandchildren in Atlanta, we believe that our future is in Hardin County and Savannah. For it is here, we have found the end to a long hard search for the perfect retirement place.

We are excited. The area has unlimited possibilities and opportunities. Conveniently located to Florence, Huntsville, Memphis, Nashville, and Pickwick lake with camping and water sports. The plowed fields remind us of Ohio, Jeans home state. The farm animals remind me of Alabama, my home state. The low country reminds us of Louisiana, where we lived for many years. Cypress swamps remind us of Florida. The mountains and hills of eastern Hardin county remind us of North Georgia and East Tennessee. The bright blue sky reminds us of what it use to be like when the air was non-polluted. The people bring us back to a time and place where being a neighbor meant something. The river, through its power and strength, reminds us of the great struggle this nation as endured. All combined, reminds us of a higher power, that without His help, Savannah and Hardin county, would not exist."


George and Jean Gunn

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