There is just something special about Hardin County.

Maybe it's the way the river bends at Savannah. Maybe it's the historic homes downtown or the Shiloh battlefield that echoes the past. Maybe it’s the beautiful, intriguing Pickwick Lake. Perhaps it’s the rich lands, or the romantic and historic traditions.

Legend has it, once you put your feet into the waters of the county, you’ll always come back...back to the memorable places and friendly people.

The area is rich in history, full of outdoor recreation and is a tourist destination for approximately two million people each year.

General Information

Hardin County is named for Colonel Joseph Hardin, who blazed a trail through southwest Tennessee's thick woodlands in the early 1800s to map 2,000 acres of rich land on the east side of the Tennessee River.

Hardin County is located on the southern border of Tennessee where Mississippi and Alabama meet. The Tennessee River bisects the county from south to north.

Savannah is the county seat, with a population of about 7,600. The population of Hardin County is about 26,000.

Hardin County temperatures allow for perfect year-round activities. Hardin County boasts an average annual temperature of 61.9 (40.7 in January & 81.7 in July) with an average rainfall of 44.85 inches with direction, prevailing winds from the south southwest.

Fun Facts

The Tennessee River runs north through Savannah? It is one of only a few rivers in the United States that flows north.

Pickwick was named after Charles Dickens' novel Pickwick Papers?

Savannah is known as “Catfish Capital of the World” because of the large size of the catfish caught in the river. An annual festival, The National Catfish Derby, is held each summer.

Two Trail of Tears routes came through Savannah, one by land and one by water.

Pickwick was one of the first all electric cities?

Some of the most famous men in U.S. history (Ulysses S. Grant, William Sherman, James Garfield, Lew Wallace , Albert Sidney Johnston) gathered on the banks of the Tennessee River in Hardin County and participated in one of the bloodiest battles of the Civil War

A Little Name Dropping Never Hurts...

Darryl Worley

Recording artist and country music singer, known for such songs as "I Miss My Friend," "When You Need My Love" and "Good Day to Run" is from Hardin County The videos for "Good Day to Run" and "Tennessee River Run" were filmed in Hardin County. His song "Have You Forgotten" topped the charts in 2003.

Geron Davis

Gospel music songwriter known for songs such as "Holy Ground" and "Peacespeaker" has called Hardin County home.

Wayne Jerrolds

Played fiddle at Grand Ole Opry and was a “Bluegrass Boy” with the Bill Monroe Band and founder of the Savannah Bluegrass Festival calls Hardin County home.

Alex and Queen Haley

Grandparents of famed author Alex Haley are buried in the Savannah Cemetery.

Bill Dance

Although not a native, Bill Dance has a cabin at Pickwick and loves fishing the lake.

Buford Pusser

Legendary lawman and American hero of McNairy County made famous by the popular movie series Walking Tall spent alot of time in Hardin County.

Hank Deberry and Chad Harville

Both Major League baseball players are from Hardin County.

Ray Blanton

Hardin County native elected governor in 1974 is buried in the Shiloh Church Cemetery in Shiloh National Military Park.

Mary Elizabeth Patterson

Mrs. Trumbull (the babysitter) in the I Love Lucy Show is buried in the Savannah Cemetery.

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