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Whether you are a full-time or part-time resident, it won’t take you long to get settled. You will find local businesses and service people to be friendly and helpful. This section of the website will provide information that you will need to know about the area.


  • Public Education - You will need to have birth certificates and immunization records for registration. Hardin County has a total of ten schools: a comprehensive high school serving grades 9-12; a middle school for grades 6-8 located near the high school; a school for grades K-8 located west of Counce on Highway 57; and seven elementary schools throughout the county. To obtain specific information about the public schools, contact the Hardin County Board of Education in Savannah (phone: 731-925-3943).
  • Private Schools - Savannah Christian Academy, call 731/926-1504. Hardin County Christian Schools, call 731/925-1778.
  • Continuing Education - Jackson State Community College, call 731/925-5722. Tennessee Technology Center at Crump, call 731/632-3393.

Telephone Service

  • Bell South Telephone Company serves Hardin County on the east side of the Tennessee River. To obtain home service from Bell South, call 731-557-6500; for commercial service, call 731-557-6000.
  • Century Telephone of Adamsville, Inc serves Hardin County on the west side of the Tennessee River. Century residential customers should call 800-225-2594 and business customers, 800-225-2587.

Utility Service


  • Tennessee Valley Electric Cooperative provide electric service for residents of Hardin County on the east side of the Tennessee River. For information, contact the TVEC local office at 590 Florence Road, Savannah or call 731-925-4916.
  • Pickwick Electric Cooperative provide electric service for residents of Hardin County on the west side of the Tennessee River. Pickwick Electric can be reached at 731-632-3333.
  • Gas

  • Savannah Utility Department supplies natural gas to city residents. SUD can be reached at 731-925-4216.
  • Three commercial gas companies serve county residents:

  • Amerigas Propane Service, Hwy. 64 East Adamsville, 731-632-3379
  • Dowdle Gas Co., 2714 Wayne Rd. Savannah, 731-925-1726
  • Roger’s LP Gas Company, Hwy. 57 West, Counce, Tennessee, 731-689-3707.
  • Water, Sewer and Sanitation Services

  • Savannah Utility Department provides water, serwer and garbage collection to all city residents. The department's water system also serves many county residents east of the Tennessee River.

Auto Tags

Newcomers to Hardin County from another county in Tennessee should get a Hardin County decal from the County Clerk’s Office, 495 Main Street, Savannah, 731-925-3921.

Drivers’ Licenses

Licenses are issued in Savannah at 880 Pickwick Rd. Suite 2. The telephone number is 731/926-1581. Office hours are 7 am to 5 pm Tuesday through Friday, except for the 2nd Wednesday of the month when they open at 8 am. Licenses can also be renewed on-line through the “Online Services” at www.tennessee.gov.


    City and county property taxes are due on October 1 and are delinquent on March 1.

  • Savannah city taxes are payable at Savannah City Hall, 140 Main Street, Savannah. The phone number is 731-925-6808.
  • Hardin County taxes are payable at the Trustees' Office at the Hardin County Courthouse, located at 465 Main Street, Savannah. The phone number there is 731-925-8180. You may also check with the Trustees’ Office to find out if you qualify for senior citizen’s exemptions.

Voter Registration

    You may register to vote when you obtain a driver's license or at:

  • the Hardin County Election Commission Office
  • the County Clerk's Office
  • the Registrar of Deeds' Office
  • the Veteran’s Administration Office
  • the Health Department
  • the Hardin County Library
  • or the Department of Human Services.

  • You must be registered at least 29 days prior to an election in order to vote.

    Hardin County is in House District 71, Senate District 26, and Congressional District 3.

    The Hardin County Election Commission is comprised of: William H. Smith, Jr., Chairman; John H. White, III, Secretary; and members Morgan Neill, G.C. Qualls and Maribeth Long.

    For more information and location of polling places, contact the Hardin County Election Commission office located in the Courthouse on Main Street in Savannah or call 731-925-3375.

Sales Tax

The Tennessee state tax is six percent on food and food ingredients and seven percent on all other tangible personal property, unless specifically exempted. There is no tax on prescription drugs.

Tennessee cities and counties have the option of imposing an additional local option sales tax.

Visit the Tennessee Department of Revenue website, to obtain more information about Tennessee taxes.

The above information compiled by and courtesy of the Hardin County Chamber of Commerce.

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